21st Century Kitchens

We can Nearly Double your Business and Profits WITHOUT adding any new overhead!

It's a New Generation of Restaurant Expansion.

You may not have heard the terms "Ghost Kitchen" or "Virtual Kitchen." They are virtual kitchens that operate entirely online with No food servers, No parking, No dining room, just the food prep that is sent out for delivery and delivered only through SnapDelivered®.

Restaurants have extra capacity and several times during the day they have downtime. What if we could add additional capacity to the existing restaurant with None of the additional expense and add incremental revenue?

Because of our exclusive delivery service, a restaurant can go from one location to several within the existing restaurant. In addition, we give them 5 mile protection and won't put another one in the area

We give you the Unfair Advantage!

This concept is already going in California, Florida, New York, and in fact Cracker Barrel is doing it. We are taking it to the next level.

We can set you up with a virtual franchise of one or several of our Protected Brands. We evaluate your restaurant, make suggestions on how to make minor changes and we set up your online store branded to you so you can begin taking orders in a matter of days, not months like in a traditional restaurant start-up or expansion.

Imagine if nobody in your area offers Tacos or Fried Chicken. Now you can for a mere fraction of a traditional restaurant start-up and we'll have you up and running in days. 

Here's the cool part. Because you are adding incremental sales and increasing your profits without increasing your overhead, you will be able to charge less than your competition giving you an Unfair Advantage!

If you want more information on how you can substantially increase your bottom line without increasing your overhead, we should talk.

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