Join us as one of the first few Restaurants in the area and get something special.

We understand that when you first join it will take a little time before things really start to jell. For instance, we don't make the app live till we have 10 restaurants and 10 drivers within a 5 mile radius in any given area. We do this for an important reason.

A big reason for our success is Consumers telling other Consumers for FREE, and we PAY them a residual income for doing so. You can imagine what will happen if we go live without enough restaurants or drivers. Consumers would place an order and it wouldn't be delivered, so they naturally assume things won't work and they uninstall...and we have lost them forever.

Therefore we partner with you and the first 12 Restaurants in any given area get one of our Exclusive Tools Grandfathered in for Life, as long as they are with us. Thereafter our member restaurants get a 50% discount.

This tool WILL get you more business and we'll cover all the costs.

It's called TouchlessConnect™ and here is one way it can work.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does this Work?
    Go to the site and see how things work. We will give you two ways it can work:
  • On both options we will host the system because it requires a landing page for things to work and High End hosting because it's a Speed of Load issue. Our benchmark page load time is <2 sec.
    Option A: We create your Qnow™ code along with your page. You just send us an email with your Logo, what you want to say, and each change as you need them. There will be a 24-hour turnaround on changes under this option.
    Option B: We show you how to create everything on your own. We still host it and create your Qnow™ code but we give you login rights to your own page so you can make as many changes and updates as you want.
    This one is a little more complicated as you need to download a free program to get the Google AMP system, and then use the Drag-n-Drop editor to make all the changes you want, and we give you One Button click to publish.
  • What if I want more links?
    If you want additional links, we'll show you how do to this for FREE. You can have different Qnow™ codes pointing to different links.
  • Go there now.
    Go to and see how it works.

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