Sign up as a Merchant/Restaurant, Customer or Driver. 

The link you received should already be populated with the Referral code so you won't need to enter that.

Decide which you want.
Note: When you want to be a Manager and build a business, you first start out as a Customer then upgrade from there.

Direction for becoming a Restaurant/Merchant Partner

  • First, Join for Free.
    Fill out the information including your email and mobile number.
    The account is tied to your Mobile Number.
  • Your Account
    Once you have joined for Free, you automatically get your own account and referral system.
    See at  and you register your account.
  • Marketing Material
    In your account you will now have access to quite a bit of marketing material from table toppers to bag stuffers you can put in each bag that goes out the door so you can begin converting your drivers and customers over to your new SnapDeliverd system. 
    I will also make up a custom bag stuffer for you if you want. We need to make sure Consumers realize they can't order just yet, we are just in early launch phase in the area.

Direction for becoming a Free Customer

  • First, Join for Free.
    Fill out the information including your email and mobile number.
    The account is tied to your Mobile Number.
  • Your Account
    You will be able to see your account at almost immediately. Spend a little time there and understand what the different links do.
  • Become a Manager
    There are two ways you can become a Manager and start to earn the Residual Income on everyone you sponsor but everyone they bring in down Five Levels. The first way is a $299 annual membership fee. This makes you a Manager immediately.
    The second way is simply by generating volume in your organization. In fact, this is one of the only companies out there that you will ever see where you can advance to the highest level in the company without ever spending one single dime!
  • Business Builders
    If you become a Manager and are serious about building a business with long term residual income, I will go one step further for you. I'll build you a website, just like this one, so you just send you link to someone and let the website to the work. 
    I'll cover all the costs and expenses, you just team up with me and together we'll succeed.

We are in this together and I will personally help you achieve your goals. Whether you only wish to be a customer or if you want to refer others, let me help.
Let me know what you need.
Dr. Rick Mayer

I will make up your personal Qnow™ codes for your needs.

Restaurants: Want to attract more business? Let me help.

Drivers: Want to bring more drivers aboard? Again, let me help.

If you decide you want to add an additional income stream or if you want to break into a new territory, Let's talk.

I have some tools and systems that will help and we will work together.

But it doesn't stop there!

There is MORE

We Help you Grow

We have the system.

You just Plug In.

You'll want to tell Everyone you Know. 

Viral Growth

  • Folks LIKE saving money, almost as much as they like SAVING money.
  • We give them a way to both for FREE.
    What's NOT to like?
  • But MAKE SURE everyone knows this is merely establishing a foothold, nobody can order food till we actually Launch in the area.
  • If you are in an area where we have launched, even better. Your job just got easier.

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