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Welcome to the Future of Delivery Service.

There are 4 ways to Earn in SnapDelivered.

It's FREE to Join and Anyone can Refer.
Refer Customers
Refer Drivers
Refer Restaurants
Refer Managers

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Why Referral Marketing and Not Traditional Advertising?

Shouldn't we just hire an Advertising Firm?

Our App Does The Work.

Consumers place an order.
The Restaurant sees the order in their system and fulfills it.
If a pick-up, an estimated arrival time was entered. 
If a delivery, the system contacts a Driver who picks it up and delivers to a HAPPY Consumer.
The Driver collects from the consumer and the Restaurant gets paid.

Everyone is in the loop. 
No Surprises.

Everyone is happy.

Whats in it for Drivers?

Tired of the games played by other delivery companies? It's frustrating when you never know exactly how much you're going to earn.
What if you ALWAYS Knew and there were No Surprises?

You always earn 100% of the delivery fee and tip, and most of the fuel fee.
With our straightforward approach, you always know exactly what you will make.
You are an Owner/Operator paid directly from the consumer through your own merchant account.
You are guaranteed a minimum per pickup, plus the fuel fee.

Minimum driver age is 18 years old.
Valid Drivers License.
Valid Insurance.
Smart Phone or Connected Tablet.
Reliable Transportation: 
  Car - Motorcycle - Motor Scooter - Bicycle

If consumers have used the other guys there is always that big question as to what their total bill will be because it's never the same. They could order the same product from the same restaurant on three different days and the price would vary. With SnapDelivered it's always the same so their reorder frequency is much higher.

We are in pre-launch and taking reservations for Managers and Founding Members.
I intend to grow this business and will bring the tools to bare to make that happen.
Let's discuss how you wish to develop your area.
Dr. Rick Mayer

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So What's in it for Drivers?

You not only Earn on your drives, you can Refer Others and Earn, and that includes Customers and Restaurants.

Welcome to the Future...
How Delivery Should Be Done.

A Button in your App

Your app includes a Refer button where you just invite folks. 

Why find other drivers?

It's simple, you will not only make money for the referral but Every Delivery they make!

Refer Customers

And What if you could make a little money on Every Order and Every Delivery a Consumer gets?

Drivers, Restaurants AND Consumers can Refer!

When you join it's merely a matter of referring folks to your app.
They then do the same.

Here's a question. When you tell either a customer, driver or restaurant about Uber Eats or Grub Hub, do they cut you a check every time a delivery happens?
We Do.

It won't be long and you have your own business going and start tapping into Residual Income.

Why Refer Others

Anyone can refer, whether they are a free member or not.
They earn off all the restaurants, customers and drivers they refer.

Now here's the cool part. Take a restaurant for instant. Say you are an owner and you start converting your customers over to SnapDelivered.
Every time they place an order from you there is some compensation to you. AND, you make a little even if they order from someone else, even your competitor!

When was the last time you found a deal where you could make money off orders placed with your competitor?

We even have a way you can earn off everyone your folks bring in as well down FIVE levels!  That's a Manager and we need to discuss this aspect.

Let's talk about how you can break into your area and begin to build a substantial residual income.

Let's talk about you becoming a Manager or currently, a Founding Member.

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App under development.

Referred by Dr. Rick Mayer

It's about Timing!

"Timing is the most critical aspect of any new business model."

Watch this TED Talk video, it makes the point.

Did you know that YouTube was not the first entry into the video streaming market?
They just had the best timing.

Bill Gross founded over 100 companies including,, SNAP, CitySearch,, NetZero, PetSmart, eToys, HitPad, .TV,, and others.

"If you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bottom Line, our timing is PERFECT.
It's Time for...

Better Product
Less Expensive
More Profitable
Better for Consumers

What's Not to Like?

The Questions YOU need to ask yourself...

Is this a Growth Industry?
Does it have Mass Appeal?
Is it a "me-too" product or Something Special?
Is this something I can Do?
Will I have a system for success?
Will I have Help in building my business?

Maybe you are on the fence and thinking this may not be a good fit or maybe you or are into another deal.

Your Decision

The problem in starting your own business is you usually end up trying to "Sell" folks on something they really don't want or need.
Think about a few points:

  • What if there was already a Huge Demand?
  • What if you could offer a Much Better System than Anyone Else?
  • It Filled a Real Need?
  • What if you could offer True Value and Benefit?
  • What if you could automatically save folks Thousands of Dollars over what they are already doing?
  • What if you did the work once and just kept getting paid, again and again, for Residual Income?
  • What if you also got paid off the efforts of others, again and again?
  • What if you simply had a Better Service for Less Money?
  • And, what if your product or service was Exclusive, nobody else could match what you are doing?
There aren't too many times in your lifetime where you will find a situation where everything aligns up perfectly for the perfect business. This is one of those times and if you have questions, contact me directly.
I am so convinced of the potential here I'm bringing the resources from my marketing companies to the table which will include some state-of-the-art tools and systems to help my team.

We are bringing a lot to the table. The company has some incredible resources and I'm bringing some from my marketing business that you just have to see to believe.

It's Time to GROW.

Let's explore all the ways you can grow by forming an alliance with the BizHelpTeam.

Some other things you might want to check out.

A Push Button Marketing system is currently being developed and it will blow you away.

  • is under development.
  • PushButtonMarketing is being developed. (Right now it links to BizHelpTeam but that will change.)
  • All the Managers on my team get a website Just Like This One, till the company comes out with replicated sites.
  • Doing a home based business now? Check out so see why you probably aren't doing too well.

Minimum Driver Qualifications
18 years of age, Valid Drivers License, Valid Insurance, a Smart Phone or connected Tablet
and Reliable Transportation.

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