What are Delivery Apps REALLY Costing the Consumer?

Consumers figure it out sooner or later.
And when they do, many times they don't return.

Better Way.

You pay a Flat Fee of $3 for a delivery, not some fluctuating percentage. 
The $10 monthly subscription gets all your deliveries from all restaurants in the system for a full month.
And when you leave a tip, the driver gets it ALL, it doesn't go back East to some corporation.

Help your Local Restaurants, Save Money, get Much Better Service, keep more of your money Local and even Make a Little Money.
All through our FREE app.

Your heard right, Save Money and at the same time, tap into our "Paid2Save" system.
"Income by Accident."

Download the free app and show your friends with your "Refer and Earn" button right on the app. 

When you download you'll need a referral code, use  10893254.

It's important that you understand you can't order food yet.

You want to get signed up for Free and start referring folks, but we won't activate the app in any area till we have the correct number of Restaurants and Drivers ready to go.

You can imagine what would happen if we activated the app in an area and customers became excited about a FREE way to Save money and even Make money, but when they tried to use it they couldn't get it to work? They would naturally assume it doesn't work and simply uninstall.

Therefore you need to understand that at this point you are merely telling folks about it and letting them know this is coming, they just need to get involved and start telling other folks.

They will probably hear about it anyway and someone will be earing $1 every time they order out, why not you?

Does the app Work?

Click on this video Just below and see a Live App, now in use covering the Bremerton, WA area.
(We have this video on the Restaurants page as well.)

You may have tried to find the app in your local area and even tried Googling it. That won't work and there is a Very Important Reason.

We do not make the app go live in any given area till we can actually offer delivery. That involves having at least 10 Restaurants and 10 Drivers in a 5 mile radius.

The reason is simple. If we made it live without the Restaurants and Drivers in place, what you think would happen if a Consumer tried to order food? They wouldn't be able to order so they would naturally assume it doesn't work and they would uninstall, just like they do with every other useless app.

When you see it in your area that means you will be able to order food, and not before. We are doing it RIGHT.

Our referral system is "Income by Accident."

The App is free, it WILL save you money, even better you get Paid to Save. 
And the Cool part, anyone can refer, Restaurants, Drivers and even Customers. They earn a referral fee off all the transactions of all the restaurants, customers and drivers they refer.

When you told a friend about Uber Eats, did they cut you a check?
We do, and we do it month after month after month.
And all you did was tell your friend about a FREE service that will save them money.

But it can even Be Better. Say your friend really likes it and they tell another friend. They also make some money but you can as well. You can become a Manager and get paid on all those referrals and all that activity down FIVE LEVELS, in your city, another city or another State...and soon even Another Country! And that is on customers, drivers and even restaurants. You can either buy in or just keep referring and when your volume becomes enough, it automatically kicks in.

If it's new to your area even better. We will help you begin to build a substantial residual income because we have a plan that will allow you to get residual income off ALL the activity in your entire area!

Direction for becoming a Free Customer

  • First, Join for Free.
    Fill out the information including your email and mobile number.
    The account is tied to your Mobile Number.
  • Your Account
    Once you have joined for Free, you automatically get your own account and referral system.
    See at SnapDeliveredTeam.com  and you register your account. 
  • Many Possibilities
    From the Team account you can do a lot. We recommend you spend a little time and see all the options.
  • Refer
    Note the different referral links on the Team site. When you send one out your referral code is automatically added to the enrollment sheet when the prospect signs up. This is especially beneficial for restaurants as they are automatically tied to you, but all the others are as well.

    See the "How To" section on the navigation bar for more.

As consumers, we have the power to Make or Break a Local business. Finally there is a way to do this without breaking the bank.

It's time to Buy Local, Support our Local Businesses, and do so with a system where Everyone Wins.

SnapDelivered is bringing Consumers, Merchants and Drivers together, Affordably, Happily and Successfully.
And best of all, everyone gets "Paid2Save."

How do you Define a Movement?

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