What are Delivery Apps costing the Consumer?

Consumers aren't Stupid, they figure it out sooner or later.
And when they do, many times they don't return.

Better Way.

You pay a Flat Fee of $3 for a delivery, not some fluctuating percentage. 
There's even a $10 monthly subscription that gets all your deliveries from all restaurants in the system for the whole month.
And when you leave a tip, the driver gets it ALL, it doesn't go back East to some corporation.

Help your Local Restaurants, Save Money, get Much Better Service, keep more of your money Local and even Make a Little Money.
All through our FREE app.

Your heard right, Save Money and at the same time, tap into
"Income by Accident."

Download the free app and show your friends with your "Refer and Earn" button right on the app. 

When you download you'll need a referral code, use  430660E5.

As consumers, we have the power to Make or Break a Local business. 
Finally there is a way to do this without breaking the bank.

It's time to Buy Local, Support our Local Businesses, and do so with a system where Everyone Wins.

SnapDelivered is bringing Consumers, Merchants and Drivers together, Affordably, Happily and Successfully.
And best of all, everyone gets "Paid2Save."

Why Refer Others?

The App is free, it WILL SAVE you money, even better you get Paid to Save. Anyone can refer, Restaurants, Drivers and even Free Member Customers. They earn off all the restaurants, customers and drivers they refer.

Now here's the cool part. Say you show a restaurant this system and after their due diligence they decide it makes sense because they like saving money. Every time they put out an order through the system you make a little money, on EVERY ORDER!

It's the same when you tell a friend. Every time that friend places an order through a member restaurant, you get paid. They are saving money and you are getting paid.

But it can even be better. Say that restaurant you found really likes it so they tell another restaurant, or your friend tells another friend about the free app. You can become a Manager for just $299 and get paid on all those referrals and all that activity down FIVE LEVELS, in your city, another city or another State...and soon even Another Country!

If it's new to your area even better. We will help you break into your area and begin to build a substantial residual income because we have a plan that will allow you to get residual income off ALL the activity in your entire area!

How do you Define a Movement?

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