We can Nearly Double your business and profit without increasing your overhead!

We'll save you $10 on Every Food Delivery Order you sent out because of our $2 Flat Rate Delivery charge.

We give you Residual Cash Back Bonuses on All Referrals. Tell another restaurant, driver or customer and every time a transaction occurs YOU GET PAID, even if that customer orders from your competition! Refer folks in another town, another state, get paid again and again, month after month.

And there is MORE. Begin by watching the video.

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No Activation Fee
No Percentages
No Contracts
No Exclusivity

Plus Residual Cash Back Bonuses on All Referrals.

You get paid on your customer referrals EVEN when they eat somewhere else!

How are we Growing So Fast?

We PAY the average person to spread the word rather than some expensive advertising agency. Click the Red Button Below for a Cash Back Example.

When you told someone about Any of the other delivery apps did they cut you a check? We do, and we do it over and over again every time a transaction occurs.

When local customers can start saving money and earning a residual income just for telling folks about a FREE service, how long do you think it will take before the entire area is saturated?

Anyone can refer, Restaurants, Drivers and Customers.
We are coming to the area and someone will be telling the Restaurants, Drivers and Customers you know about us and someone will be getting the Residual Income. Why not You?
Get signed up now, it's Free.

The Referral ID: 10893254 will already be on the form and once you sign up, you get your own referral code.

Restaurant/Merchant Partner Sign Up

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If you do not see your city from the drop down menu on the form just select the largest city closest to you. It will all be corrected shortly.

  With Snap Delivered, you keep most of your profits & we actually pay you to help us disrupt the delivery space and make a difference in the lives of others!
Sign up for FREE and tell everyone you know because someone is going to tell them soon enough, it might as well be you.

Does the app Work?

Click on the video Just below and see a Live App, now in use covering the Bremerton, WA area.

We do not make the app go live in any given area till we can actually do delivery. That involves having at least 10 Restaurants and 10 Drivers in a 5 mile radius.

The reason is simple. If we made it live without the Restaurants and Drivers in place, customers would naturally try to order food and when they couldn't they would naturally assume it doesn't work and they would uninstall, just like they do with every other useless app.

When you see it in your area that means you will be able to order food, and not before.

See where Snap Delivered is currently live

"We got tired of waiting for a low cost delivery service, so we decided to help create one."

 Kenny and Rachelle
The Twisted Tuna and Firefin Grille 

Check out this Exclusive system.

We are looking for Restaurant Partners in the area.

We are partnering with you.
The first 10 restaurants in the area will get this incredible tool and be Grandfather in Free for Life.
It WILL bring in more business and you'll keep it free, as long as you are with SnapDelivered.


Check it Out

When you are ready, let me know and we'll discuss different ways you can use this Exclusive Tool.

"The cost of delivery service is Sucking Restarunts Dry."

Charlie Green and Mat Majesky, owners of Pierogi Mountain in Columbus Ohio discovered that Grubhub and Uber Eats charge them More than 40% of the Average order. "It almost turns into a hostage situation."    The New York Times, June 9, 2020.

This is NOT an isolated situation. Restaurants across the country. Most don't have their own order system in place so they are forced to subscribe to expensive 3rd party services. If they try their own app in lieu of the GrupHub type services the typical Restaurant will pay an average of $300 for setup followed by nearly $200 a Month for the ordering system. An example of this service is ChowNow.com and at $150/mo. they are one of the more affordable options, but they have several additional fees monthly. And the delivery is then added on top of that so ordering out becomes very expensive.

Very Few people are happy with the current restaurant delivery apps. 

Food Delivery Apps are Ripping Folks Off.

Watch this PBS Special Report.

Restaurants are being Held Hostage by Delivery Apps.

Predatory Practices

They are changing restaurants 30% to 40% of the total food order.
Drivers also suffer because they can't make much money.
These App companies are the Only Ones making any money.

Profits Suffer

Because restaurants don't want to loose even more customers, they drop their margins in an effort to offset some of the delivery costs.

Consumers Suffer

Merchants are forced to mark up their prices in an attempt to offset some of these outrageous charges causing the price to double in many cases.

A Better Way

Food Delivery is here to stay so doesn't it make sense to source the Best Service at the Lowest Pricing

Hear what a One Restaurant Owner has to say.

You just might want to get the facts.
No other company is doing what we do.

Join for FREE.

> A Flat Rate of $2.00 Per Delivery.
> A Flat Rate of $1.00 per Takeout order originated in App. 
> Go to the 'Restaurants' link and register your business.

> A Flat Rate of $3.00 per delivery. 
> A $10.00 Monthly membership subscription covers All Deliveries from All Member Restaurants for the month.
> The only other charges are a fuel and mileage fee.

We load your menu and include an ordering system.

Joining is free and because we use the very latest Progressive Web App technology, you don't even need to purchase any extra hardware. Use your existing tablet or even your smart phone to manage everything. If you have a POS system we integrate right with it. Customers order off their Progressive Web App and you can manage the orders in real time.

There are no up front fees or monthly fees, just a system that works. We even help promote your restaurant through our different marketing channels and apps.

It's a Win/Win. Restaurants and Consumers save a LOT of money, many times up to 50% because those extra add-on fees are now history. Restaurants also get some incredible tools to help Grow the Business.

AND, everyone can "Refer and Earn" and get "Paid2Save."

But it doesn't stop there!

There is MORE
Click on ScanOfTheDay.com.


  • 60% of consumers order delivery or takeout once a Week.
  • Restaurants working with third party delivery services see 10-20% Increase in Sales but the bottom line doesn't increase because of all the fees and charges.
  • Digital Ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic in just two years. From 2020 to 2021 it went from $115 Billion to $127 Billion at an annual Growth Rate of 10.3%.
  • The top 3 delivery companies control about 70% of the market share and are killing the restaurant food delivery industry. Restaurants pay 20%-40% of the ticket price to have their food delivered to customers.
    This is not a sustainable model for most restaurants.
  • Consumers are initially surprised because they are used to paying for all those extra add-on fees but they soon become accustomed to the fact that there won't be any surprises on their bill making them even more loyal to the restaurant.
  • Drivers have their own Merchant Accounts so they take the payment right on the spot and it's all recorded in Real Time. We don't hold back any money, drivers are paid weekly and we are even working on a way to pay daily.
  • Restaurants are paid Quickly. Unlike other companies that hold back payment, we pay just as soon as the funds clear. And because there are no surprises, you always know how much and when.
  • Consumers are very receptive to the system once they understand that nobody is getting Gouged...Not the Restaurant, not Them and not the Drivers. They have some loyalty to the restaurant and really appreciate the fact that this helps them buy local and support their local restaurants without having to pay the typical premiums.
  • Total Transparency. Delivery service companies have been making headlines lately. They mark up the restaurant's menu substantially and once a consumer notes the actual menu price to the inflated price they must pay for delivery, many times they become upset and don't reorder leaving the restaurant owner wondering what happened. Consumers aren't stupid, they find out sooner or later. Watch the video on the "Consumers" page.
  • Make sure you let us know you are interested in your Free Tools.
    See Below.
  • Also make sure you get us your information so we can include you in our BuyLOCAL™ system. We have already started this National campaign and let's get you listed for FREE in your area.
  • SnapDelivered Restaurants Pay Less and Make More Money.
    SnapDelivered Consumers Pay Less and become More Loyal.
    SnapDelivered Drivers Make More and they become an Ambassador to the Restaurants Brand.
  • And everyone can get 'Paid2Save' and tap into 'IncomeByAccident.'
    No other company in this space even comes close.

We are up and running now in Multiple Areas and Growing. More cities in Idaho, Utah, California, Colorado and Nevada are just around the corner.

NOTE: If you sign up and download the app you may not see anything happening in your area. It would be a HUGE mistake to make the app live when we don't have the restaurants and drivers in place. Consumers get excited about this system because for the first time in their life they have a way to not only SAVE money but MAKE money. If we make the system live and there isn't a way to order, they will become discouraged and uninstall, and we've lost that customer.

We are anticipating a launch date in Utah for June/July 2022. The key is to first have restaurants in the system followed by the Professional Drivers in place to make it happen. And the beauty is Anyone can refer others for FREE through our SnapAPP. We don't just give lip service to saying we are here to help, we have tools to make that happen.

We have several avenues to include local business groups, SnapDelivered.com, USAsave™, TouchlessConnect™, GooPON™, BuyLocal™, ScanOfTheDay™, TouchlessLoyalty™ and more coming. We supply restaurants literature to help promote their new ordering system. In addition, we will soon be placing street signs to inform the general public of this new and better service.

Consumers can order through the Progressive Web App on any connected device. It keeps everyone in the loop to include the restaurant, and in addition, anyone will be able to refer others for Free and earn money on their usage.
Think about this. You use the service, you like it and you tell a friend. What if every time that friend placed an order you made a little money, on and on, as long as they keep ordering?
There is also a way you can even tap into the referrals of that friend and the next friend down FIVE LEVELS. Ask me about becoming a Manager.

How can we have a better product for Less Money? Unlike the delivery companies, we are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that is privately owned with no Board of Directors to answer to. This gives us some extreme flexibility in how we go to market.
At the end of the day it's this flexibility that will allow us to grow and adapt as this industry changes.
But right now, we challenge you to find a better alternative. 

Our system is complete and has already launched in Several States. (See Where above.)
We are currently in the process of redesigning it to accommodate  International Expansion, as well as delivery for other markets like Groceries, Floral, Prescriptions, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We will be reaching out to you as soon as possible at the best time you indicated to get your restaurant on-boarded, (your menu uploaded, basic training etc.).

Snap Delivered is new to many areas. If there are at least 10 restaurants and 10 drivers within a 5 mile radius, your restaurant will appear on the app and you can start receiving orders right away.
If the above conditions are not me the app won't be live in your area. It would be a HUGE mistake to make the app live before we can take orders and make deliveries because one of the fastest ways we grow is from consumers telling other consumers because we pay they to do so. If they try to order food and nothing happening they naturally assume it's not going to work so they simply uninstall and they are lost.

We will upload your menus. In some cases, your menu can be automatically imported from other 3rd party delivery apps. Once uploaded, future changes will then have to be made by the owner.

A notification sound will alert your staff until it is either accepted or declined through their Tablet. We will have full training to on-board your restaurant and get you ready to start receiving orders and saving thousands of dollars in delivery fees!

Yes! You can change your prices at anytime, offer coupon codes and other incentives for your customers at any time.

Yes! Our business model relies on word-of-mouth advertising and people supporting local communities. This keeps our overhead low and allows Snap Delivered to pass the savings along to you.

No! Snap Delivered is 100% free to use and share. Customers are shown exactly how much they will be charged prior to check-out.

There are three main ways you can earn cash-back with Snap Delivered. Once registered, you can use your personalized QR Code to refer:
1) Other Restaurants; Earn .40¢ on EVERY order delivered!
2) Drivers; Earn .20¢ on EVERY order delivered from ANY Restaurant within the Snap Network!
3) Customers; Earn $1.00 per order on every non-member (or $2 per month on monthly subscribers) placed to ANY
Restaurant within the Snap Network!

No! You can opt-out of Snap Delivered at any time and continue to use any 3rd party delivery apps. With Snap Delivered, there are NO activation fees, NO percentages, NO Contracts or exclusivity.

There are several ways to promote Snap Delivered including;
1) Email/Social Media: Share Snap Delivered with your current email list or social media followers, encouraging customers to download the app and save.
2) Each 3rd party delivery app driver can be handed a separate rack card about the benefits of earning more money by switching to become a Snap Delivered driver.
    Once we launch in an area...
3) Advertising: Offer customers a coupon code for new Snap Delivered Downloads (for example; “Save 30% over other
delivery apps - Download here”). Win-win! 
4) Restaurant Staff: Train your staff to encourage walk-in customers to download the Snap Delivered app for extra savings.
5) Make it a policy to staple a rack card to every to-go order encouraging other delivery app users to switch to Snap Delivered.
6) Printed Materials: We’ll provide you with several printed options complete with your own personalized QR /Referral code so that you can invite customers and drivers to join Snap Delivered.
You can print table tents, include a rack card with every check, or print up cards designed just for local delivery drivers.

Yes! Your local Snap Delivered Representatives are working hard to promote and share the app in your area to help restaurants and customers save more money on delivery app fees. Once the word gets out, the number of Snap Delivered users is expected to grow significantly over time.

Yes! Snap drivers get to keep 100% of their tips and unlike other apps, Snap Drivers will earn a 20% tip as the app defaults to 20%. Drivers can also earn cash-back bonuses by referring Snap Delivered to other drivers and customers to help grow the Snap network. Happy drivers are less likely to decline orders which equals more happy customers!

Because we work on $2 per order we do not offer refunds unless Snap Delivered is at fault. If anything is missing from the order the customer must contact the restaurant to make sure they make it right. We require drivers to take a picture when they pick up an order and when they drop off as well.

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