Paying Too Much to Delivery Apps? 

Introducing Flat Rate Delivery.

It's the Evolution of Delivery Apps
where You Have Control.

No games, gimmicks or menu markups. Just One Flat Rate for Delivery or Pickup.

A Restaurant doing just 20 deliveries of $38 a day could Easily Save $7,000 a Month over their current delivery service.

"The cost of delivery service is Sucking Restarunts Dry."

Charlie Green and Mat Majesky, owners of Pierogi Mountain in Columbus Ohio discovered that Grubhub and Uber Eats charge them More than 40% of the Average order. "It almost turns into a hostage situation."    The New York Times, June 9, 2020.

This is NOT an isolated situation. Restaurants are suffering if they try to stay open.

Independent Restaurants don't have the order system in place to handle online ordering with delivery so they are forced to subscribe to expensive 3rd party services.

If they try their own app in lieu of the GrupHub type services the typical Restaurant will pay an average of $300 for setup followed by nearly $200 a Month for the ordering system.
An example of this service is and at $150/mo. they are one of the more affordable options.
But then the delivery is added on top of that so ordering out becomes very expensive.

PBS NewsHour Special Report

Restaurants are being Help Hostage by these companies.

Predatory Practices

They are changing restaurants 30% to 40% of the total food order.
Drivers also suffer because they can't make much money.
These App companies are the Only Ones making any money.

Profits Suffer

Because restaurants don't want to loose even more customers, they drop their margins in an effort to offset some of the delivery costs.

Consumers Suffer

Merchants are forced to mark up their prices in an attempt to offset some of these outrageous charges.

A Better Way

Food Delivery is here to stay so doesn't it make sense to source the Best Service at the Lowest Pricing

Delivery Apps are a necessary evil but they are Killing the Industry.

But there is a better way. The video just below shows what one restaurant owner did about it.

Hear what a One Restaurant Owner has to say.

A Better Deal

You just might want to get the facts.
No other company is doing what we do.

Join for FREE.

> A Flat Rate of $2.00 Per Delivery.
> A Flat Rate of $1.00 per Takeout order originated in the SnapAPP. 
> Join for Free. Download the form and use the referral code 430660E5.  (The E is the only letter.)
> Send In the completed form.

> A Flat Rate of $3.00 per delivery. 
> A $10.00 Monthly membership covers All Deliveries for All Member Restaurants.
> The only other charges are fuel and mileage fees.

Restaurant Sign Up

Just download the form, fill it out and email.
If you prefer, contact me and I'll fill it out for you.

Referred by Dr. Rick Mayer
If you do it on your own, send me an email and I'll begin the process of creating all your marketing material.

With SnapDelivered we include an ordering system so you don't need to invest in an expensive POS system.

Joining is free and we give you a screaming deal on the tablet you will need to manage everything. If you have a POS system we integrate right with it. Customers order off our App and you can manage the orders in real time.

Unlike other systems there are no up front fees or expensive monthly fees, just a system that works.
We even help promote your restaurant through our different marketing channels and apps.

It's a Win/Win. Restaurants and Consumers save a LOT of money, many times up to 50% because those extra add-on fees are now history. Restaurants also get some incredible tools to help Grow the Business.

AND, everyone can "Refer and Earn" and get "Paid2Save."

But it doesn't stop there!

There is MORE

Our System does the Work

It's automatic and in the Cloud.

You see the status of everything.

  • Consumers are initially surprised because they are used to paying all those extra add-on fees but they soon become accustomed to the fact that there won't be any surprises on their bill making them even More Loyal to the restaurant.
  • Drivers have their own Merchant Accounts so they take the payment right on the spot and it's all recorded in Real Time.
    We don't hold back any money, drivers are paid quickly.
  • Restaurants are paid Quickly. Unlike other companies that hold back payment, we pay just as soon as the funds clear.
    And because there are no surprises, you always know how much and when.
  • Consumers are very receptive to the system once they understand that nobody is getting Gouged...Not the Restaurant, not Them and not the Drivers. They have some loyalty to the restaurant and really appreciate the fact that this helps them buy local and support their local restaurants without having to pay the typical premiums.
  • Total Transparency. Delivery service companies have been making headlines lately. They mark up the restaurant's menu substantially and the consumer pays more. Once a consumer notes the actual menu price to the inflated price they must pay for delivery, many times they become upset and don't order again leaving the restaurant owner wondering what happened. Consumers aren't stupid, they find out sooner or later. Watch the video on the "Consumers" page.
  • Make sure you let us know you are interested in your Free Tools.
    See Below.
  • Also make sure you get us your information so we can include you in our BuyLOCAL™ system. We have already started this National campaign and let's get you listed for FREE in your area.
  • SnapDelivered Restaurants Pay Less and Make More Money.
    SnapDelivered Consumers Pay Less and become More Loyal.
    SnapDelivered Drivers Make More and they become an Ambassador to the Restaurants Brand.
  • And everyone can get 'Paid2Save' and tap into 'IncomeByAccident.'
    No other company in this space even comes close.

A Few Additional FACTS

  • 60% of consumers order delivery or takeout once a Week.
  • Restaurants working with third party delivery services see 10-20% Increase in Sales but the bottom line doesn't increase because of all the fees and charges.
  • Digital Ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic in just two years. From 2020 to 2021 it went from $115 Billion to $127 Billion at an annual Growth Rate of 10.3%.
  • The top 3 delivery companies control about 70% of the market share and are killing the restaurant food delivery industry. Restaurants pay 15%-35% of their ticket price to have their food delivered to customers.
    This is not a sustainable model for most restaurants.

We are up and running now in multiple areas:
Bremerton WA,  Olympia WA, Houston TX, Pearland TX, Sherman TX, Cleveland OH, Elmira NY, Cape Cod MA, Tampa FL, Jupiter FL.
Launching in several Utah cities in February and March, and in Idaho in March.

We are anticipating a launch date in Utah for February of 2022. The key is to first have restaurants in the system followed by the Professional Drivers in place to make it happen. And the beauty is Anyone can refer others for FREE through our SnapAPP. We don't just give lip service to saying we are here to help, we have tools to make that happen.

We have several avenues to include local business groups,, USAsave™, TouchlessMarketing™, GooPON™, BuyLocal™, ScanOfTheDay™, TouchlessLoyalty™ and more coming. We supply restaurants literature to help promote their new ordering system. In addition, we will soon be placing street signs to inform the general public of this new and better service.

Consumers can order through the app on any connected device. The app will keep everyone in the loop to include the restaurant. In addition, anyone will be able to refer others right through the app.
Think about this. You use the service, you like it and you tell a friend. What if every time that friend placed an order you made a little money, on and on, as long as they keep ordering.
There is also a way you can even tap into the referrals of that friend and the next friend. Ask me about becoming a Manager.

How can we have a better product for Less Money? Unlike the delivery companies, we are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that is privately owned with no Board of Directors to answer to. This gives us some extreme flexibility in how we go to market.
At the end of the day it's this flexibility that will allow us to grow and adapt as this industry changes.
But right now, we challenge you to find a better alternative. 

Our system is complete and has already launched in Several States. (See Where above.)
We are currently in the process of redesigning it to accommodate  International Expansion, as well as delivery for other markets like Grocers, Floral, Prescriptions, etc.

Reserve your spot through a BizHelpTeam™ Member and if you are one of the first 15 businesses in your area, you get a Very Special System for FREE.

Tools to Grow Your Business.
Is your business Clickable?
When you join us in SnapDelivered, we'll make your business clickable if you are one of the first 15 in your area.

You need to understand the sheer power of this simple, exciting new technology that will take your business to the next level.

Mobile Marketing
Why not do it the Clever Way?

ScanOfTheDay™ is another way, the Clever Way. Check it out.
Use your Free one this way.

Customer Loyalty
There is little you can do that will have a more positive impact on your bottom line than a properly implemented Loyalty Program.

This program is optional and you just might want to check this out as well.

Future is NOW.

If you aren't Engaging your Prospects and Customers, they WILL find someone else, very possibly your competitor.

"You Either Engage Them on their device or push them away, there is No Middle Ground."  Google

We have a Ph.D. in marketing at your disposal. 
The way we market to the consumer has changed quite a bit in just the past year and if you aren't in tune with these changes your business is already suffering.

"Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic are now permanent." 

Yelp 8/16/2021

  • Our systems can HELP.
  • We not only help businesses stay afloat, we help them GROW and Prosper.
  • If you business is Really struggling, you might want to check this program out. Because of some grants, we have some tools to help for FREE.

A summary of what you saw on the video.

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