A Better Deal

Does a Flat Delivery Fee of $2.00 sound like a better deal?

On just 20 orders a day, look at the Annual Savings.

Breaking it down further...

We are Disrupting the Food Delivery Industry.

All the delivery services pretty much do the same thing. Their markups and extra fees are Killing the industry.

It's time for a Change.
It's time to give the power back to the Restaurants and their Customers.

Why are Restaurant Owners Receptive?

We are Bringing Back the Magic!

Is it better for Consumers?

You Tell me. Click this link.

Everyone joins for FREE.

> A Flat Rate of $2.00 Per Delivery, PERIOD.
> A Flat Rate of $1.00 per Takeout order originated by Snap Delivered.  If you are paying an outside firm to develop and maintain an order system, Fire Them.

> A Flat Rate of $5.00 per delivery. 
> A $10.00/mo. membership waives the $5.00 per delivery fee essentially giving unlimited monthly deliveries.
> The only other charge is a fuel fee to the Customer.

> Keep all the delivery fees and 95% of the fuel fees.

Consider this.

Let's say you are using Uber Eats. When you refer another owner to them does Uber cut you a check?  WE DO.
Then every time that restaurant uses us you make a little money.

Same for your customers. What if every time you get your customers using this service, one that will save them a lot of money, you also made a little money, EVEN if they order from your competitor!
(We'll give you your own Qnow™ code that will help you market.)

There is even a way you can cash in every time that other restaurant, customer or driver tells someone else. You just keep getting that recurring income stream down five levels. (Manager Position.)

We are finally in recovery mode from the Pandemic but Restaurant Delivery is here to stay. So doesn't it make sense to go with a Superior Service that also just happens to be Much Less Money? 

Our infrastructure will remain when the GrubHubs of the world are fading because we are an SaaS company, not a delivery service.

With SnapDelivered we include an ordering system so you don't need to invest in an expensive POS system.

Joining is free and we give you a screaming deal on the tablet you will need to manage everything. If you have a POS system we integrate right with it. Customers order off our App and you can manage the orders in real time.

Unlike other systems there are no up front fees or expensive monthly fees, just a system that works.
We even help promote your restaurant through our different marketing channels and apps, including your own Qnow™ or ScanOfTheDay™ system.

It's a Win/Win. Restaurants and Consumers save a LOT of money, many times up to 50% because those extra add-on fees are now history. Restaurants also get some incredible tools to help Grow the Business.

AND, everyone can "Refer and Earn."

But it doesn't stop there!

Check This Out

Reserve your spot through with a BizHelpTeam member before Aug 30 and get some Very Special Systems for FREE. 

Tools to Grow Your Business.
Is your business Clickable?
When you join us in SNAPdelivered, we'll make your business clickable.

You need to understand the sheer power of this simple, exciting, new technology that will take your business to the next level.

Mobile Marketing
Why not do it the Clever Way?

ScanOfTheDay™ is one of the ways we use TouchlessConnect™. Check it out. When you join us you get a free system.

Customer Loyalty
There is little you can do that will have a more positive impact on your bottom line than a properly implemented Loyalty Program.

This program is optional and you just might want to also check it out.

  • Our Drivers collect for the order. At first, Consumers will be surprised because they are used to paying all those extra add-on fees. But they soon become accustomed to the fact that there won't be any surprises on their bill making them even More Loyal to the restaurant.
  • Drivers have their own Merchant Accounts so they take the payment right on the spot and it's all recorded in Real Time.
  • Restaurants are paid Quickly. Unlike other companies that hold back payment, we pay just as soon as the funds clear and the longest, within a week.
  • Consumers are very receptive to the system once they understand that nobody is getting Gouged...Not the Restaurant, not Them and not the Drivers. They have some loyalty to the restaurant and really appreciate the fact that this helps them buy local and support their local restaurants without having to pay the typical premiums.
  • Total Transparency. Delivery service companies have been making headlines lately as you probably noted on the first page of this site. They mark up the restaurant's menu substantially and the consumer pays more. Once a consumer notes the actual menu price to the inflated price they must pay for delivery, many times they become upset and don't order again leaving the restaurant owner wondering what happened. Consumers aren't stupid, they find out sooner or later.
  • SnapDelivered offers a better alternative. No more surprises, No More menu markups, No more gouging the restaurant owner, consumer or driver...just One Flat Fee.  
  • Better for Restaurants, Better for Consumers, Better for Drivers.
    No Hidden Fees to Restaurants, One Flat Fee for the Restaurant, One Flat Fee for the Consumer, No Menu Markup to Consumers, No % of order charges, No Hidden Fees to Consumers, NO EXTRA FEES EVER. 
  • Make sure you let us know you are interested in your Free ScanOfTheDay™ system. That system WILL help you improve the bottom line. If you want to give away coupons, we can even integrate GooPON™ into this program.
  • SnapDelivered Restaurants Pay Less and Make More Money.
    SnapDelivered Consumers Pay Less and become More Loyal.
    SnapDelivered Drivers Make More and they become an Ambassador to the Restaurants Brand.

How do we Grow?

Our system is Free to Join. Free to the Restaurants, Free to the Drivers and Free to the Consumers. In addition, anyone can refer anyone else and earn money on those referrals for life.

Other Marketing Efforts

Restaurants also get a listing in UtahSAVE.com and if they choose to do coupons, a listing in GooPON™. (We have multiple other states as well.)
See the special offer above on ScanOfTheDay™ and TouchlessConnect™.
We prepare all the marketing material for these two systems.

Restaurant Options

The Restaurant only pays a flat fee of $2.00 per delivery and $1.00 per take out for order that comes in through the SnapDelivered Portal.

Marketing Help

In addition the the Other Marketing Efforts seen here we have, Dr. Mayer has a Ph.D. in Marketing and is available for free consultations. We can even help any member get their own ProgressiveWebApp through TouchlessMarketing™.

Our Drivers are always connected and our System does the work.

Everything happens in Real Time.

Consumers know the approximate time of delivery for their order and restaurants can see what is going on in real time.

When the driver collects for the order we don't make the restaurant wait for their money like the other guys. We get the money owed to the restaurant just as soon as the customer charge clears.

The apps are in the final stages of completion now and will be rolled out soon. It's important to note that we aren't starting from scratch. We've already done this for some large organizations in the South East and we are modifying that successful system for our needs.

Here are the FACTS

  • 60% of consumers order delivery or takeout once a Week.
  • Restaurants working with third party delivery services see 10-20% Increase in Sales.
  • Digital Ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic in just two years. From 2020 to 2021 it will go from $115 Billion to $127 Billion at an annual Growth Rate of 10.3%.
  • The top 3 delivery companies control about 70% of the market share and are killing the restaurant food delivery industry. Restaurants pay 15%-35% of their ticket price to have their food delivered to customers.
    This is not a sustainable model for most restaurants.

Our System does the Work

It's automatic and in the Cloud.

You see the status of everything.
(App Under Development Now.)

Our Projected Launch

This section may update frequently as it depends upon several factors.

Our system is in the final stages of completion now.
It's not a new system, it has already been very successful in the South Easternern US.
We are changing it to accommodate our Free program model.

The above schedule will be changing as we get further along. The key is to first have restaurants in the system followed by the Professional Drivers in place to make it happen. And the beauty is Anyone can refer others for FREE.

We have several avenues to include local business groups, SnapDelivered.com, UtahSAVE™ (and numerous other states), TouchlessMarketing™, GooPON™, TheBestOfState™, ScanOfTheDay™, TouchlessLoyalty™ and more coming. We supply restaurants literature to help promote their new ordering system. In addition, we will soon be placing street signs to inform the general public of this new and better service.

Consumers can order through the app on any connected device. The app will keep everyone in the loop to include the restaurant. In addition, anyone will be able to refer others right through the app.
Think about this. You use the service, you like it and you tell a friend. What if every time that friend placed an order you made a little money, on and on, as long as they keep ordering.
There is also a way you can even tap into the referrals of that friend and the next friend. Ask me about becoming a Manager.

How can we have a better product for Less Money? Unlike the delivery companies, we are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that is privately owned with no Board of Directors to answer to. This gives us some extreme flexibility in how we go to market.
At the end of the day it's this flexibility that will allow us to grow and adapt as this industry changes.
But right now, we challenge you to find a better alternative. 

Future is NOW.

We mentioned above having a Ph.D. in marketing at your disposal. One thing, have you ever considered your own Progressive Web App?
The way we market to the consumer has changed quite a bit in just the past year and if you aren't in tune with these changes your business is already suffering.

When it comes to food delivery, restaurants are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Damned if they do, and damned if they don't.  It's a matter of survival, but at What Cost?

We Feel your Pain and are doing something about it.

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