You can Help Support your Local Businesses, Make some Money, Save some Money,
and on top of it all, HAVE some FUN.

Don't miss another one.

Join us.

Let's make a difference.
Let's Help Local Businesses while having some fun and making some money.

Lets all Buy Local.
As more consumers use this FREE System, their shopping experience will get better and better. If your local business doesn't yet have it, why not tell them about it? It's FREE for them to join and It WILL help their business, and you just might start making a nice little residual income.

The Economies of Buying Local

These TEDx videos cover some Important Aspects of buying local you may not have considered before.

Together we can make a difference.

Message from a Farmer.

SMALL BUSINESSES are the Lifeblood of Any Community!

You need to understand their Importance.

The SLC Chamber Message.

Here is the full clip of the Zoom Opportunity Meeting from 7/1/2021


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