Restaurant Owners, are you tired of being ripped off by delivery companies?
Tired of their high commissions and constantly fluctuating pricing structure?

How does a FLAT RATE of just $2.00 per delivery sound?

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Bottom Line...

A Restaurant doing just 20 deliveries of $38 a day could Easily Save $7,000 a Month over the current delivery services.

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Watch this video, it clearly illustrates the issues everyone is having.

Consumers are realizing that Most of the Delivery Services are Ripping them off!

The current restaurant delivery apps are Killing the Restaurant Industry!

Have you noticed all the Food Delivery commercials on TV lately?
They are making a LOT of money and want more!
How do you think they fund those incredibly expensive TV Spots?

PBS NewsHour Special Report

"The cost of delivery service is Sucking Restarunts Dry."

Charlie Green and Mat Majesky, owners of Pierogi Mountain in Columbus Ohio discovered that Grubhub and Uber Eats charge them More than 40% of the Average order. "It almost turns into a hostage situation."    The New York Times, June 9, 2020.

This is NOT an isolated situation. Restaurants are suffering if they try to stay open.

Independent Restaurants don't have the order system in place to handle online ordering with delivery so they are forced to subscribe to expensive 3rd party services.

If they try their own app in lieu of the GrupHub type services the typical Restaurant will pay an average of $300 for a setup fee followed by nearly $200 a Month for the ordering system.
An example of this service is and at $150/mo. they are one of the more affordable options.
But then the delivery is added on top of that so ordering out becomes very expensive.

Restaurants are being Help Hostage by these companies.

Predatory Practices

They are changing restaurants 30% to 40% of the total food order.
Drivers also suffer because they can't make much money.

Profits Suffer

Because restaurants don't want to loose even more customers, they drop their margins in an effort to offset some of the delivery costs.

Consumers Suffer

The consumer suffers as well because these inflated markups raise the prices substantially, nearly double in many cases.

A Better Way

Food Delivery is here to stay so doesn't it make sense to source the Best Service at the Lowest Pricing? There is a Better Way.

As consumers, we have the power to Make or Break a Local business. Finally, there is a way to do this without breaking the bank.

It's time to Buy Local, Support our local businesses, and do so with a system where Everyone Wins.

SnapDelivered is bringing Consumers, Merchants and Drivers together, Affordably, Happily and Successfully.

"Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic are now permanent."  

Yelp 9/16/2020

  • Our systems can Stem the Tide.
  • We not only Help businesses stay afloat, we help them GROW and Prosper.
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